Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little steps

Little steps lead to bigger strides which lead to leaps and bounds farther than you thought you could ever come.

I have not deleted Dr X off Facebook yet nor have I sent him that message. But I am okay with that right now.

I had a minor setback one night on his birthday (where was I a year ago? Celebrating his birthday with him in Nova Scotia) but it lasted a night, not a whole day. That is a baby step that I am proud of.

Another step I am proud of is that I have been seeing my therapist on a bi monthly instead of weekly basis. When I suggested this to her, she said she was happy when patients suggest that because it shows they are improving.

I am also slowly decreasing my meds to half a pill instead of a full one in hopes that I can decrease even more as time goes on. I had to go really slow for the first bit because I was starting to feel upset again, but I think I've evened out now. I'll stay on the .5 for about a month and then see how I'm doing.

Another step is becoming more involved in extra curriculars. I volunteered for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and it kept me super busy. I would have loved volunteering with someone I knew but it did force me to talk to new people and while I didn't make any long term friends, it was really nice to meet people with similar film interests (none of my current circle of friends really care at all about cinema). I am going to try and continue volunteering there during the rest of the year. Maybe I could look into a film study group?

Dr X; the fact that I still live at home; don't have a full time job in my career; and am not enjoying being single (I wish I could just enjoy it and date people!) are always in my mind.... But these steps I am taking will hopefully lead to those bigger strides.

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