Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank God February 14th is Over...

Valentine's Day is for those in love. I know people bitch about the commercialism of it all, but the romantic in me had always loved it, when I was coupled AND when single. But this year? I am jaded and bitter and want to throw punches at every couple I saw. No The Vow for me, I'd rather curl up to a Scream marathon. I hate how bitter he has made me.

This Valentines Day was the worst. That's right. You are now going to hear ME bitch about this Halmark Holiday. It wasn't just missing Dr X or wanting to brawl with those lucky ones in love, it was like I couldn't stand anything. I moped around the office ("You seem to be in a bit of a mood"). I was really excited to go hang out with my friend whose husband had to work so she was home alone for Valentine's Day. We were going to order Indian and watch non-romantic movies. Until she called and cancelled. Stomach flu. Can't fault her for that.

After struggling through the day, my mom picked me up on the way home from work. No good news when I got in the car. She had a fender bender and was really frazzled / upset. She told me that when she called my dad, he got mad at her and yelled at her and that upset her even more. We got home and my parents got in a HUGE fight. She said he yelled, he said she was lying. My dad stormed out mid cooking us a Valentine's dinner and they didn't talk the rest of the night. My mom was crying, my dad was pissed, it was just awful.

I kept feeling like it was my fault. I think that my Dad was still a little upset about the therapist calling him out on how he yells at us a lot so he was very sensistive to that fact. If I hadn't taken them to therapy, maybe they wouldn't have spent Valentines Day miserable. I'm dragging them down with me.

So while they were in separate rooms, I was downstairs eating my magnificent Valentine's dinner of left-over mashed potatoes and apple crisp while watching three plus hours of The Voice... It's actually kind of comical how ridiculously cliched and pathetic my day was.

That the freakin lord this holiday comes once a year. Maybe next year, I'll be back to my regular When Harry Met Sally loving self.

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